165/60 R14

At Family Car Centre & Tyres, we have a wide range of 165/60 R14 tyres from top brands available at our workshop. Our garage is located at 152-156 Rayne Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 2QS.

Tyre Size – 165/60 R14 Details

Let’s break down the elements of 165/60 R14 tyre size:

165: This represents the tyre’s width in millimetres. A wider tyre can provide better stability and grip on the road.

60: This is the aspect ratio or profile of the tyre, expressed as a percentage of the tyre’s width. A lower profile tyre offers better handling and performance.

R: The “R” indicates the radial design of the tyre, which is the most common type of tyre construction in modern cars.

14: This is the rim diameter of the tyre, measured in inches. Choosing correct rim size is crucial for proper fitment and performance.

Best Brands And Best-Selling Tyres

We stock tyres from some of the best brands in the industry. Our collection includes:

  • Dunlop,
  • Goodyear,
  • Bridgestone,
  • Avon,
  • Continental,
  • Hankook,
  • Pirelli, and many more.

To make your purchase decision easier, here are some of our best-selling 165/60 R14 tyres Braintree:

  • Goodyear Vector 4 Season G2 (165/60 R14 75H)
  • Churchill RCB007 (165/60 R14 75H)
  • Nankang AS 1 (165/60 R14 75H)

Our Expert Services

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For further queries, you can also connect with us at info@familycarcentre.co.uk.