Are you an Alpina car owner in or around Braintree?

Then you will be pleased to know that Family Car Centre is offering its services and products to Alpina car owners.

We are a highly regarded automotive workshop stationed at 152-156 Rayne Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 2QS. Our team of vehicle enthusiasts is dedicated to providing the best quality products and comprehensive assistance for all your vehicular needs.

Have a gander at what we have to offer you!

We offer a variety of services and products to keep your Alpina running at its best:

Tyres We Stock

Equipping your vehicle with the right set of tyres is essential for an uncompromised driving experience. If you are looking to replace your Alpina tyres Braintree, we are here to help.

Here are some of the popular tyre variants available with us:

  • All-season
  • 4×4
  • Winter
  • Performance
  • Summer

But that’s not all!

We also house run-flat tyres. For your convenience, we offer the option of buying tyres online with our Tyre Finder Tool.

Additionally, before the total invoice initiation, you can opt for the service of Alpina mobile tyre fitting Braintree. By opting for this service, you no longer have to drive your vehicle to us, saving you both time and fuel.

Routine Auto Servicing

Routine servicing is essential for optimal vehicle performance and engine health. At our service centre, we offer 3 different packages for car services at competitive rates, including:

Interim servicing: Done after driving 6,000 miles

Full servicing: Performed after driving 12,000 miles

Major servicing: Conducted after driving 24,000 miles

Engine Diagnostics

Is your car’s EML indicator on?

This necessitates professional engine diagnostics. Our team provides prompt and accurate results within the quickest turnaround times.

More Services For You

We also offer other notable services, such as:

  • Air Conditioning Re-gas
  • Brake Repair And Replacement
  • Clutch Assembly Replacement
  • 2X & 4X Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel Balancing

You may send an e-mail to us at for further queries.

DVSA-Certified MOT Centre

Is your Alpina due for an MOT? Then we have got you covered!

Our in-house testers assess different car components to determine their roadworthiness. Depending on the results, we issue VT20 or VT30 certificates at the end of the Alpina MOT Braintree.

You can book an MOT check via our website, or by directly visiting our workshop.

So, stop your search for ‘Alpina MOT near me’ and book a test with us today!