Are you looking for Batteries Service for your vehicle?

The battery is the heart of a vehicle without which the engine remains lifeless. They are the energy source for the proper functioning of AC, music system, internal and external lights, etc. With regular usage and over the years, the battery loses its capability to charge and discharge, making a car battery replacement compulsory.

Why Replace the Battery?

Like any other car component, your car battery also needs extra care, in order to avoid malfunctioning. The heat from the car leads to corrosion and electrolyte evaporation which adds on to damage of the battery.

A car battery usually lasts for 4-7 years depending on the climatic condition and wear and tear. Battery connectors are more prone to rust and dirt obstructing the electricity flow harming the engine. This can cause your car to stop or vibrate unusually. Therefore, battery replacement is a crucial part of car maintenance.

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Signs that your Car Battery needs replacing?

Modern cells come with specific indications that suggest that the battery is nearing the end of service life. Some of the visible signs are:

Reduction of fluid levels

Most modern batteries have a translucent casing to check the car fluid capacity. If the fluid level goes below the plates in the system, it is time to visit a reliable auto garage. This indicates that the battery may require liquid refill or will require car battery replacement.

Bloated Battery

Due to extreme heat and reduced maintenance, the case of the battery may deteriorate and bloat simultaneously. The prime reason being the sealed car cells which avoid acid leakage. It is another caution that your cell needs replacement.

Unusual smell

At the end of the life cycle of a car cell, Hydrochloric acid, the chemical inside starts to break and produce harmful gases. The nasty smell of gas may reach the passenger seats every time the car engine starts. Hence claiming that you need car batteries replacement immediately.

Difficulty in starting the Engine

Does your car engine cause trouble when you turn the key? Despite constant efforts to start your vehicle’s engine, an irritating noise keeps on surfacing. If this indication keeps occurring frequently, then it is indeed the time for car battery replacement through an expert check-up.

Why should you come to our Garage?

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