How to tell if your brake pads need replacement.


Are your brakes Loosing their bite?

The most crucial aspect of your car’s safety system is its braking system. They enable you to regulate your car’s speed and safely stop it, and the brake pedal is the first one you’ll press in an emergency. Simply said, they are essential and we recommend you have Brake Disk and Pads Servicing at Family Car Centre & Tyres as frequently as possible.

For the safety of you and other road users, they must be constantly maintained and inspected to ensure they are operating correctly and effectively, just like any other device in your automobile.

A competent technician can evaluate the state of your brakes during your yearly MOT or Service. However, you should constantly be on the lookout for warning indications that tell you your brakes aren’t in outstanding condition.

Signs your car brakes aren’t working properly.

Your car doesn’t stop as well as it used to: Reasons for this may include; The brake fluid may be old and have absorbed moisture, decreasing its efficacy, or the hydraulic system may be losing fluid and pressure. Your brake pads and discs may be worn out and old, leading them to grip less effectively.

Grinding noise when you brake: If you hear a grinding noise when you brake, your brake pads or discs may need to be replaced. Metal wear indicators that are a part of brake pads generate noise when they come into contact with the braking disc. You may need to replace the discs as well when your pads are this worn out.

Squealing sound when you brake: If the vehicle has been parked in the rain or standing water for a long time, you might also hear a squealing sound when you brake. This can lead to a buildup of rust on the discs. Don’t worry, though; once you are back on the road, the rust should quickly wear out.

Inner-wheel leaks: Your braking system is intricate. Your brakes can become less effective if there are worn seals, loose connections, or split hoses in the system. Keep an eye out for fluid on the inner wheels or on the surface where you usually park your car. Normally, brake fluid is transparent and has a faint smell.

Pulling to the left or right: If your vehicle doesn’t track straight and true when you brake, it could be a major issue if you have to apply heavy braking force in an emergency. Pulling to one side may happen if your brakes are more worn on one side than the other. A stuck brake calliper is still another possible factor.

Vibrations: When you slow down, if you feel any vibrations in your steering wheel or brake pedal, have your brakes checked. Your brake discs may be distorted if your brake pedal vibrates.

Brake pedal sinks: If you have to depress the braking pedal all the way before the vehicle slows down, there may be a significant brake system leak.

Dashboard Warning Lights: If the brake warning light on your dashboard is on, have your vehicle looked out right away. This is probably a sign that the brake hydraulic system has failed, and it needs to be fixed right away to prevent a major accident. Learn more about the dashboard lights on your automobile.

Sticking handbrake: If you encounter resistance when releasing the handbrake and attempting to back up, your handbrake may be stuck in the on position. As driving with the handbrake stuck on can cause your brakes to heat up, wear out, and damage your brakes, be sure to have it examined by a professional.

What should I do if I think my Braking system isn’t working properly?

Get a free brake check at Family Car Centre & Tyres as soon as you can if you believe for any reason that your brakes aren’t stopping your car as well as they should.

Don’t drive your automobile and call a breakdown service to have it towed to the closest auto centre if you believe your brakes to be so dangerously ineffective.

How should I maintain my car brakes?

Your mechanic will give you advice on the state of your brakes and when the various components of the system need to be replaced when you have your car serviced or put through a MOT.

Every two years, you should also replenish your brake fluid, which Family Car Centre & Tyres performs as part of the Full Service.

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