Land Rover

Land Rover is a world-class car manufacturer that specialises in both luxury and off-road vehicles. Furthermore, the company flaunts a long history of producing innovative, reliable, and powerful four-wheelers that perform optimally in the most extreme conditions around the world.

If you possess a Land Rover and live near Braintree, consider dropping by Family Car Centre. We deploy top-grade technology-backed repairing instruments and skilled mechanics to deliver highly demanded car services like 1x wheel balancing, wheel alignment, engine diagnostics, brake repair and replacement, and much more.

Land Rover Mobile Tyre Fitting Braintree

We repeatedly advise our clientele to go for the correct-sized tyres for optimal driving comfort and safety. In this regard, if you require any help, consult with our in-house tyre fitters who will help you select from our enviable collection of Land Rover tyres Braintree.

When it comes to mobile tyre fitting service, we are always one step ahead because:

  • Before beginning the service, our technicians record the tyre rotation ease and wear on your vehicle to make recommendations as needed.
  • We always use the ideal tools which ensure the wheel components remain undamaged.
  • The technicians never neglect to lubricate the wheel studs and nuts before mounting the Land Rover tyres. This helps in an easier removal later on.
  • Lastly, we check whether the tyres have proper air pressure level and balanced to help prevent premature tread wear.

Does this 4-step precautionary measure seem to be professional enough?

Then book a mobile tyre fitting session by calling 01376553332 or directly from our website.

Land Rover MOT Braintree

Getting the MOT checks from our garage will be convenient for you owing to our strategic location. You can find us near the Braintree Community Hospital along the B1256 highway.

Moreover, a good reason to trust us for genuine MOT inspection is that we carry out all the DVSA-recommended safety checks without fail. After checking all the parts thoroughly, we will provide you with an MOT certificate based on the test results.

Here are some benefits you experience as a Land Rover possessor after completing an MOT inspection:

  • Many component-specific malfunctions are detected in the package, so it reduces future repair costs. However, MOT assessment does not cover parts like the clutch, gearbox, and car engine.
  • Overall on-road safety is established for the driver as well as co-passengers.

Finally, as a workshop dispensing Land Rover servicing Braintree, we even provide air conditioning re-gas service, interim, full and major services for smooth vehicle manoeuvring.

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