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Major car servicing includes some essential checks of the vehicular components that ensure superior driving comfort, performance and on-road safety. It covers all inspections conducted in Full and Interim servicing.

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Choose Family Car Centre & Tyres without a second thought! Our facility has experienced technicians who conduct vital checks for vehicular components and provide relevant repair and replacement services. Our technicians are adept at dealing with most car makes and models.

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Why should one consider opting for our Major service Braintree?

Experts recommend Major servicing every 24,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. But the frequency of opting for this service can vary per the vehicle model and the driver’s driving habit.

Some of the checks included in our Major servicing are:

Suspension and steering system

During Major servicing, our technicians check the condition of the struts, linkages and bearings, including power steering systems, hydraulic fluid and pressure, etc. We also check whether there is any leakage or corrosion in the suspension system. If there are any faulty components, we replace them and provide top-ups as necessary.

Brake system

We carry out the checking of different brake components to assess their performance and condition. The checking includes components like brake discs, callipers, master cylinders, brake pedals, brake lines, handbrakes, etc.

In addition, we offer replacements only using OE-grade spares and top-up fluids to their adequate level.

Here are some other services included in the Major services:

  • Replacement of various fluids, oil, filters and spark plugs
  • Servicing the air heater or conditioner
  • Replacement of serpentine belt or time belt per the manufacturer-recommended time or mileage interval
  • Inspecting the car battery and replacement
  • Look for any visual cracks or chips in the front and rear windscreen
  • Check for any damage or leaks in exhausts and emissions
  • Examining the wheel and tyre for tread depth, tyre pressure, etc.

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