Tyres Pattiswick

Are you looking for high-performance tyres for your vehicle?

Look no further than Family Car Centre for quality tyres under different price segments. We cover your tyre requirements precisely by offering premium and cheap tyres Pattiswick. Therefore, you can put an end to your search for tyres near me with us.

In case you have a busy schedule and are unable to visit our service station for a tyre replacement, we recommend our professional services of mobile tyre fitting Pattiswick for you. You will need to order tyres online from our tyre finder, and our staff will reach your preferred location to fit the tyre with precision.

Furthermore, if you are looking for brake repair services, visit us and opt for our comprehensive brake inspection and replacement services at reasonable rates.

We also include thorough diagnostic procedures for your car’s air con system. This helps us to ensure whether the mechanics must perform an air conditioning regas session or not.

Our services

Wheel Alignment

At our garage, experts offer advanced wheel alignment by implementing a set of innovative hand tools and spanners. They will inspect the caster, camber, and toe angles of the wheels thoroughly for any deviation from the standard guidelines and fix the misalignment. Therefore, you can expect pinpoint accuracy from us.

Tyre Pressure Check

The tyre pressure monitoring system in a car is a vital component as the sensor in this system signals the driver if there is low tyre pressure. However, improper maintenance can damage the sensor. Therefore, we at Family Car Centre & Tyres suggest you bring your car for a routine TPMS check.

Wheel Replacement

Our car workshop stocks alloy and steel wheel spares for replacement. If you are looking for new car wheels, our collection will give you customisable options to add personality to your car. Therefore, feel free to visit our automobile centre to purchase from our collection of car rims. In addition to this, you can get replacements for your damaged car battery with durable and reliable ones.

To get an overall report on your car’s condition, book an MOT Pattiswick with us today. Our MOT sessions are convenient and hassle-free because our experts thoroughly inspect your car parts and give a detailed analysis in a short span.

Visit Us

Without any delay, drive down to us for car servicing Pattiswick. Our service station is at 152-156 Rayne Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 2QS.

To get the up-to-date quotes or finalise an appointment, you can also call us on 01376553332 at your leisure.


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