Range Rover

Already jittered on your quest of searching workshops offering genuine Range Rover mobile tyre fitting Braintree?

Consider visiting Family Car Centre, an ideal car workshop for everyone searching for experienced tyre fitters all over Essex. Although for those staying in Braintree, it will hardly require 10 minutes to reach us via B1256 roadway.

Exclusive manufacturers like the Range Rover require specialised tyres featuring reinforced sidewalls. Therefore, it is highly suggested to go through our online catalogue before selecting one for your car. These listings feature a range of premium, mid-range and cost-effective tyre brands that are produced as per the ECE guidelines.

In this regard, if you require top-drawer Range Rover tyres Braintree place us a call at 01376553332 to schedule an appointment before coming.

Range Rover Servicing Braintree

Feeling confused about which one you should go for between interim and full service?

Here we have discussed a general guide.

Opt for the interim service if your car has already covered 6000 miles. Consequently, full service has to be done at least once a year or when you have covered 12000 miles. Much more exhaustive proceedings like inspection of suspension damage, wheel removal and replacement, clutch operation check, etc. take place during the full service.

The best reason to come to our garage is that we deal in OE-grade Range Rover spare components. Thus, everything that will probably malfunction in the future or presently showing warning signs are instantly replaced by expert repairers.

Range Rover MOT Braintree

MOT testing at our workshop will ensure your Range Rover excellently meets the safety and environmental standards. This happens as our DVSA-approved testers run the visual inspection session efficiently to minimise the risk of carbon emissions. In addition, they create a genuine report listing the risks of breakdowns. It enables the drivers to select service packages suitable for fixing the damaged components quickly.

However, it is critical to realise that certain parts like the clutch, gearbox and engine are not inspected while conducting an MOT. Thus, to identify whether these areas need necessary replacements you must opt for solutions like clutch inspection, engine diagnostics, and so on. Even, you can go for a full service to get this checklist fulfilled at once. To know more about these individual packages and get quotations, place your query at info@familycarcentre.co.uk.

List Of Other Services We Provide

Since the beginning, we focus to give automobile services that can restore a vehicle to its prime condition. To achieve the manufacturer standards consistently we offer:

  • Wheel Alignment
  • Brake Repair And Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Regas
  • Wheel Balancing

Once you schedule a slot in advance, come visit us at your convenience.