Renault Kadjar

Do you own a Renault Kadjar in Braintree?

Then you must know garages with positive reviews offering Renault Kadjar servicing Braintree.

Occasional servicing is essential for this model because of its advanced technologies that include a turbocharged engine. In addition, its cutting-edge safety features and electronic systems also require regular maintenance. At the Family Car Centre, you get various automobile solutions starting from regular puncture repairs to elaborate services like wheel alignment, engine diagnostics, clutch replacement, and so on.

Get Wheel Balancing Service From Us

Our expert technicians perform wheel balancing following these steps:

  • At first, we jack up the car with the wheel balancing platform
  • Next, we rotate the car wheels at extreme speeds
  • A machine records the different necessary readings, which the experts note down
  • We attach eco-friendly counterweights to fix the issue.
  • Lastly, we remount the wheels and check the inflation levels.

If you want to avail of this service and trust our team of mechanics, contact 01376553332.

Renault Kadjar MOT Braintree

Annually you must arrange for an MOT test to ensure that the car is roadworthy and meets legal safety and environmental standards. We as an approved MOT centre conduct this inspection. It involves a visual check of the vehicle to identify any major defects, followed by a series of tests on components such as brakes, steering, lights, suspension, etc.

If any of the braking components turn up to be faulty you may register for our brake repair and replacement service. However, remember that vital car parts like the gearbox, clutch and engine are not checked during an MOT.

Renault Kadjar Mobile Tyre Fitting Braintree

While providing mobile tyre fitting we typically load new tyres onto a van and travel to a customer’s area. As a wholesale tyre dealer we supply a large variety of Renault Kadjar tyres Braintree.

Once at your preferred location, our mechanic prepares the tyres for fitting. Before that, they will check the wheels for any damage and ensure that they are in good condition. After the new tyres are fitted, they will check the tyre pressure and adjust it to the recommended level.

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