Family Car Centre has exciting news for the owners of all Vauxhall vehicles.

We are a reputed garage and have a team of efficient technicians who are prepared to provide you with quality services related to your vehicle. Check out the range of solutions that you can avail of from us.

Our Offerings

Have you been searching for a reliable facility for the servicing of your vehicle? Then you can come to us without any hesitation for Vauxhall Servicing Braintree.

We use modern tools and techniques to perform thorough checks of various parts of your car. Here are the 3 types of servicing that our technicians can offer-


It involves checks such as-

  • Oil change
  • Car light check etc.

It is usually done every 6,000 miles or at 6-month intervals.


A full servicing includes-

  • Thorough exhaust servicing
  • Wheel and brake removal and many other services.

You can go for this after driving 12,000 miles. Alternatively, you can get this once a year.


This comprehensive servicing includes checks like-

  • Car battery inspection and replacement
  • Checks for damage and leaks in exhaust etc.

We suggest you opt for this once in 24 months or after driving 24,000 miles.

Wait, there is more! You will also get the following services from our in-house technicians-

Air Conditioning Re-gas Braintree- If your car AC is giving out hot air or you notice a pungent smell inside the car cabin, come to us for a comprehensive servicing of the AC unit. It includes a detailed inspection and repair of damaged parts. We also replace old refrigerant gas from the AC system with refrigerant.

In addition, we offer summer and wheel balancing, puncture repair, wheel alignment, clutch services, brake repair and replacement, engine diagnostics etc.

MOT Centre

We are a DVSA-approved facility located at 152-156 Rayne Road, Braintree, Essex CM7 2QS. Here you can get Vauxhall MOT Braintree at affordable rates.

During the test, our technicians perform intensive checks of various components of your vehicle, such as exhaust, suspension, brakes, etc. After the completion of the test, we provide the following certificates-

  • VT20- MOT pass
  • VT30- MOT fail

Our Products

Are you searching for good quality “tyres near me”? Then check out our product catalogue which has a variety of seasonal tyres like summer, winter, all-season and vehicle-specific Vauxhall tyres Braintree like 4X4, performance.

We also have run-flat tyres in our stock.

When you purchase tyres from us, choose Vauxhall Mobile Tyre Fitting Braintree, for hassle-free tyre installation at your preferred location.

For queries, call 01376553332.